Baird Promotes Democracy, Security and Prosperity in Egypt

January 15th, 2015
Minister Baird and MP Dechert consult Egyptian community in Mississauga

Minister Baird and MP Dechert consult Egyptian community in Mississauga

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today concluded his visit to Egypt, during which he met with Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church and Mohammed Ahmed El-Tayyib, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque. Prior to his departure Minister Baird was in Mississauga to consult with members of the Egyptian community along with Member of Parliament Bob Dechert.

“In preparation for his recent successful trip to the middle east, Minister Baird and I met with several prominent members of the Egyptian-Canadian community here in Mississauga to hear their views and learn from their experience,” said MP Dechert. “The frank and open dialogue was very helpful and appreciated by all participants.”

“Minister Baird continues to exemplify the type of frank and honest leadership that is required today in light of the plethora of issues arising on a daily basis throughout the world,” said Peter Saad Mississauga resident and participant in those consultations. “In particular, in our recent discussions, Minister Baird has exemplified a comprehensive and personal understanding of the issues in the Middle East and he brings the foresight and decisiveness necessary to address these issues head on.

“Canada believes that a moderate, democratic and prosperous Egypt will be key to the success of the region, especially at a time of growing regional and security challenges,” said Baird.

This is the second visit Minister Baird has made to Egypt within the last year, with the aim of advancing Canadian foreign policy interests and supporting social and economic development. It also provides the opportunity to again raise consular issues, particularly concerning the journalist Mohamed Fahmy.

“We have had good discussions with the government on this case, and we are working toward seeing a constructive resolution,” said Baird.

“We also recognize the important role played by Egypt as a seat of moderate Islamic scholarship and a centre of Eastern Christianity,” Baird said. “The protection of religious freedom is essential to maintaining that role.”

Baird reaffirmed Canada’s support for Egypt’s continued transition to democracy ahead of the legislative elections in March and announced several initiatives to encourage stability, security and economic growth. While in Luxor, he also announced support for economic growth and the economic empowerment of women and youth.

Egyptian community with Minister Baird

2015 New Year’s Levee

January 13th, 2015

You’re invited to
2015 New Year’s Levee

Date: January 17, 2015
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Location: Glen Erin Inn
Address: 1695 The Collegeway
Mississauga, ON L5L 3S7

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MP Dechert wishes all Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics a Merry Christmas

January 6th, 2015

Christmas 2014
I would like to wish Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics in Canada and around the world a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

Christmas is a special time of year to be with family and friends to celebrate the many blessings that we enjoy in Canada, including the ability to worship and practice our faith in peace and security.

As we give thanks for our blessings over this holiday period, it is also a time to contemplate how we may help others at home and around the world who are less fortunate.

During this special time of year, we recognize the tremendous contributions that Orthodox Christians and Catholics of the varied Eastern rites make to our country and we reaffirm Canada’s commitment to support people of all faiths, and to promote religious freedom around the world.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I wish you and your family a happy and blessed Christmas.

MP Dechert condemns the cowardly attack on Children in Pakistan

December 20th, 2014

MP Dechert attends Vigil service on December 21, 2014

MP Dechert attends Vigil service on December 21, 2014

Bob Dechert, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erindale and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice issued the following statement:

Everyone in Mississauga is saddened over the horrific acts of violence where the Taliban gunned down more than 120 people, most of them children, in Peshawar Pakistan.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those affected, and I wish a full and quick recovery to those injured” said Mr Dechert.

“I, along with the Canadian Government have unequivocally condemned these heinous acts of terrorism.”

Bob Dechert continued “There is no more cowardly act than attacking innocent defenseless children while at school.”

Canada will continue to stand by victims and support them in the face of this ongoing terrorist threat.

“I would encourage the citizens of Mississauga to attend one of the many vigils in support of the families and victims of this tragic event in their local communities over the weekend.”

Statement from Bob Dechert regarding the article published in the Mississauga News and Brampton Guardian

December 19th, 2014

“Earlier today I became aware of an article published in the Mississauga News and Brampton Guardian referencing an interview I had taken part in earlier this week. In this article I was misquoted, which I brought to the attention of the author of the article. The author, upon reviewing his notes, concurred with my assessment and issued an updated article correcting the quote. “

“I would like to thank the Brampton Guardian and the Mississauga News for quickly acting on the misrepresentation and issuing a corrected article. I hope that all publications which have been based on the initial incorrect article will follow suit.”

Below please find attached the updated article with the corrected quote.

Ottawa unveils income-splitting plan, boosts monthly child benefit

By Joseph Chin
MISSISSAUGA – The federal government is pressing ahead with income splitting despite criticism from various quarters, notably Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa, who fired off a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressing his concerns when the plan was announced in October.

The plan, called the Family Tax Cut, will allow spouses in two-parent families with children under 18 to divvy up their incomes up to $50,000 in order to reduce their overall tax bill.

But critics are suggesting the policy is flawed since it won’t benefit the majority of Canadians. Despite the criticism, however, the federal government is expected to implement the measure early in the new year.

Wednesday, Minister of State for Social Development Candice Bergen was in Mississauga – Sousa’s backyard – to sell the plan directly to Canadians. She dismisses charges by opposition parties the plan does nothing for most parents, especially those with similar incomes.

“Literally every family in Canada will get tax benefit,” she said. “It will impact close to half the families – 1.7 million families. Two-thirds of those families are moderate- to low-income.”

The government estimates 1.7 million families could save an average of $1,300 a year.

In addition, Bergen noted the government is also increasing the monthly benefit paid for children under age six from $100 to $160, and introducing a new $60 monthly benefit for children between the ages of 6 and 17.

Bergen has told the House of Commons that a single parent with two children, earning $30,000, will receive more than $1,500 per year under the plan. A single parent making $50,000, with two kids, will see almost $1,000 in relief and benefits.

“Here is the difference between Conservatives and Liberals,” Bergen said. “Liberals think that if we put more money in parents’ pockets, they will spend it on beer and popcorn. We disagree. We believe that helping families make their lives more affordable is good for the economy, is good for the country, and is good for Canadian families.”

Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert accompanied Bergen on her visit to Peel. He notes the median family income in his riding is $93,000, and those families will benefit from income-splitting.

“The response has been extremely positive. I haven’t heard anything negative,” he said.

Many new Canadians, Dechert said, prefer to receive the Universal Child Care Benefit – the actual cash – to use for childcare services because they want to send their children in their formative years to daycare provided by somebody from their community, somebody who can speak the language and knows the culture.

“They’ve often told me that mainstream daycare centres that might be sponsored by the government, like a public school, don’t provide that kind of cultural learning,” he said.

Employment Minister Jason Kenney suggests that helping stay-at-home parents would encourage stable families.

“All of the social research indicates that folks who come from stable families tend to be better in terms of their economic prospects and that income splitting supports the families who are investing in their kids,” Kenney told a gathering of conservative thinkers earlier this year.

The Conservatives first pledged to bring in income-splitting during the 2011 election campaign. At the time, Harper pledged to introduce the measure, similar to one for seniors introduced in 2007, as long as there was a balanced budget, which is now expected in 2015.

“Next year’s budget will be balanced, and we’re following through with our promise,” said Bergen.

Under income-splitting, couples with children under the age of 18 would receive a tax credit of up to $2,000 as of the 2014 taxation year. But, according to think-tank C.D. Howe Institute, the plan will provide minimal benefit to the vast majority of families while giving the biggest benefits to the country’s most affluent single-income families.

The program is expected to cost the feds an estimated $2.4 billion in foregone revenue this year, and an average of $2 billion over the next five years. Also, the scheme could end up costing provinces at least $1.7 billion a year.

“If the federal government wants to reduce taxes in its own budget, it should ensure that there is not a fiscal cost as a byproduct to provinces,” said Susie Heath, a spokesperson for Sousa.

Government invests in new jet engine technology that will support almost 1,500 jobs in Ontario and Quebec

December 8th, 2014

Today, Industry Minister James Moore and Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel announced a crucial investment in Pratt & Whitney Canada to create the next generation of jet engines. Thanks to support from the Government of Canada, the company will be able to produce the next generation of airplane engines that will power lighter, greener airplanes around the world.

The ministers made their announcements in Mississauga, Ontario, and in Longueuil, Quebec, where the majority of the work will be done. This project will support nearly 1,500 jobs over the next five years. More than 65 separate Canadian suppliers will also contribute to the production of each engine.
Quick facts

• Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) employs 6,000 people across Canada and has invested more than $10.6 billion in research and development since 1982.
• The project’s research and development will take place at P&WC facilities in Mississauga and Longueuil, supporting nearly 1,500 Canadian jobs over the next five years.
• The Government’s total investment is $300 million in the form of a repayable contribution through the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative.
• In 2013, Canada’s aerospace industry was responsible for more than 170,000 jobs and contributed $28 billion to the economy.

Canada remains on track for a balanced budget in 2015

November 12th, 2014

Finance Minister Joe Oliver today released the annual Update of Economic and Fiscal Projections, which confirms that the Government remains on track for a balanced budget in 2015, with an expected surplus of $1.9 billion.
Minister Oliver outlined Canada’s impressive success in creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. In contrast to Canada, the Minister noted weak and uneven global growth in the aftermath of the deepest economic and financial crisis since the Great Depression. In comparison to difficult economic situations faced by other countries, Minister Oliver emphasized the Harper Government’s continued commitment to its low-tax plan to create jobs and growth.
Minister Oliver also highlighted the Government’s latest tax cuts and benefits to put more money back in the hands of Canadian families: increasing and expanding the Universal Child Care Benefit, introducing the Family Tax Cut, increasing the Child Care Expense Deduction limits, and doubling the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and making it refundable, thereby making it more affordable for Canadian families to raise healthy kids.

Quick Facts

• The Harper Government’s latest tax cuts and benefits represent close to $27 billion back in the pockets of families over this year and the next five years.
• Every Canadian family with children under the age of 18 will have more money in their pockets because of these tax cuts and benefits.
• The overall federal tax burden is at its lowest level in over 50 years.
• Over 1.2 million more Canadians are working now than in July 2009, when the recovery began, representing an increase of 7.3 per cent and one of the strongest job creation performances in the Group of Seven (G-7).
• The Harper Government remains committed to helping businesses thrive and create well-paid jobs for Canadians. The new Small Business Job Credit will make hiring new workers or investing in additional training easier for entrepreneurs and help them grow their business.
• The federal debt-to-GDP (gross domestic product) ratio is expected to fall to below its pre-recession level by 2017, helping to ensure that Canada’s total government net debt continues to decline and remains the lowest of any G-7 country. The Government is well on its way to meeting its commitment to reduce the federal debt to 25 per cent of GDP by 2021.
• In addition to growing the size of the economy, the Government will reduce the size of the federal debt with unused annual contingency funds.

Bob Dechert Congratulates the New Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie and thanks Hazel McCallion for her service

October 29th, 2014

Ottawa, Ontario – On the afternoon following the election victory of Bonnie Crombie, Mississauga Erindale MP, Bob Dechert rose in the House of Commons in order to congratulate the new mayor.

On Monday, Mayor-Elect Bonnie Crombie won a strong mandate in Mississauga’s race to replace Mayor Hazel McCallion. ¨For the first time in 36 years Mississauga is going to have a new Mayor and a new voice directing our City.¨ said Mr. Dechert ¨Mr. Speaker, I look forward to working with Mayor-Elect Bonnie Crombie on issues of importance to the people of Mississauga including promoting jobs, safe-communities, growth and long-term prosperity.¨ Mr. Dechert also took the time to thank Mayor McCallion for all of her hard work throughout the past 36 years.  ¨I would also like to thank the outgoing Mayor, Hazel McCallion, for over three decades of service and her tremendous contributions to the City and to Canada during her time in office.¨

Minister Fast and PS Dechert Highlight Business Opportunities in India to Mississauga Companies

September 23rd, 2014

Minister Fast and PS Dechert Highlight Business Opportunities in India to Mississauga Companies


September 19, 2014-Mississauga, Ontario – The Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, (front row, centre) together with Bob Dechert, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, (front row, left) meets with representatives of small and medium-sized Canadian companies at a round table in Mississauga to discuss the many opportunities to expand their businesses in India.

Through the Government of Canada’s ambitious pro-trade and pro-export Global Markets Action Plan, Canadian businesses have the tools to grow, export and build on their success at home and abroad. These tools include free trade agreements, foreign investment promotion and protection agreements, sector-based trade missions to priority markets such as India, and the support of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Export Development Canada, the Canadian Commercial Corporation and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Minister Fast and PS Dechert are leading a trade mission to India in the agriculture and agrifood, energy, infrastructure, life sciences and financial services sectors that will cover three cities: Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh, from October 12 to 17, 2014. This will be Minister Fast’s third trade mission to India in support of Canadian businesses as they seek new export opportunities.

“Minister Fast and I were very impressed to meet with Mississauga companies with innovative technologies including several with substantial experience in doing business in India. We had a frank exchange of ideas of how Canadian companies can expand their markets in India and how the Government of Canada can support them. These views will be helpful as we prepare for our Canadian trade mission to India in early October which will include Mississauga business people. The Indo-Canadian business community is playing a key role in Canada’s future as a global trading nation.” Said PS Dechert.

Minister Fast and PS Dechert encouraged the companies participating in today’s round table to join them on the trade mission to take full advantage of the support provided by the Government of Canada to explore opportunities in this fast-growing market.

“This is the third or fourth meeting with Minister Fast this year,” said Ned Ismail, Economics Professor and founding member of the Mississauga Board of Trade’s International Trade Committee, “we really value the government’s focus on building trade relations and giving SMEs the information and tools vital to be able to compete internationally.”

“These are exciting times for the Canada – India relationship, after three decades, India has strong political leadership and is in the cusp of dramatic economic growth and societal transformation.” Said Shan Banerjee CEO of Fox Mandal Business Advisory and roundtable participant. “India and Canada share similar values of Equality, Freedom, Social Justice, Peace, Respect and Federal Structure and today Canada with its world leading technologies, institutions, resources and one million plus SMEs is eminently poised to significantly strengthen this relationship for mutual benefit”.



September 10th, 2014

BBQ 075

Bob Dechert, MP Mississauga-Erindale

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You and your family and cordially invited to

attend Bob’s 6th Annual BBQ for residents living

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Join Bob and your neighbours for an afternoon

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Saturday September 13, 2014

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I look forward to seeing you all there!

 Bob Dechert,

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